Moving can be very a costly and time consuming affair to you and your family, especially if it is not handled correctly. Residential moving usually takes the lion share of moving services at the local level. There are many advantages of hiring a professional mover, whenever you are planning to move. Moving companies are well placed to help you relocate efficiently because this is their area of specialty. Depending on your budget and estimated time frame, a professional mover can help you relocate with ease, in the shortest time possible. If you want to undertake a more hassle free move, you can always consider taking a full service move, since it covers critical aspects such as packing, loading, delivery or shipping, unloading and assembly. It was such a great experience getting custom blinds Long Island for our new home.

Moving Services

Moving service companies in Long Island, New York provide an array of services including commercial moving, local moving, long distance moving and self storage services. Local moving is highly popular, but it requires specialized care to ensure your belongings reach their destination safe and intact. Moving companies may use appropriate covers such as furniture and mattress wrappings to ensure safe movement. Heavy items such as beds and wall units can be dissembled and then reassembled later to ease movement. Long Island Pool table movers and more can be trusted with Bil Al’s Piano Movers. When it hand-truck-564242_1280comes to long distance moves, divisions are usually made based on moving distance. For most companies, a move that covers less than 500 miles is considered a shot haul move; on the other hand, distances that cover over 500 miles are classified as long haul moves. Long haul moves from Long Island may cover relocations to states as far as Florida, Indiana and South Carolina among others.

Self storage services provided by moving companies are mostly charged based on the duration of storage. Modern self-storage units are normally equipped with amenities and safeguards such as ADT security system, 24-hour video surveillance, sprinkler systems and climate controlled heating and air conditioning. Commercial moving services, on the other hand, involve relocating to another office or industrial location. Commercial moving can be very time-consuming, especially if delicate items are involved. The process may involve removing and discarding unwanted items, protecting the wall and laying the floor, placing tags on items and creating a layout plan of transfer. This is in addition to storing records and packing electronic equipments such as computers, machinery and artworks. The cost and time it takes to undertake a commercial move largely depends on the nature and size of the business.